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Case Study:      Mercury Marine, A/P Accruals Case Study

Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine’s Business Challenge

A long-time Oracle customer, Mercury Marine was unable to reconcile and research the A/P Accrual balances for it’s $2 billion annual operation. Month-on-month differences between the G/L and the A/P Accrual Reconciliation Report were inconsistent and there were concerns over having growing and non-substantiated account balances. Mercury Marine had attempted to resolve these issues using “Big 4” consulting firms to no avail.

A/P Accruals with Large Volumes

Typical for many Oracle EBS customers, Mercury Marine has large transaction volumes and the standard 11i A/P Accrual programs and reports cannot cope with the influx of transactions.


Douglas Volz Consulting quickly identified the necessary solution within two weeks. Training issues, Oracle Service Requests and custom reports were agreed with Mercury Marine’s key Finance and IT staff.  Doug Volz created the necessary tools and using these he reconciled year-end and going-forward monthly balances, thus establishing repeatable reconciliation methods and enabling Mercury Marine to be self-sufficient.


Collaboration and team work with Douglas Volz Consulting


With these A/P Accrual business process and reconciliation improvements, Mercury Marine now has the training, tools and confidence to reconcile, validate and research their A/P Accrual Balances, efficiently, across seven key accounts.

Timeframe: 5 weeks





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