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Ascend23 in Florida, June 11, 2023

Come and join your fellow Oracle Community with the Oracle Applications Technology and User Group (OATUG) conference in Florida.  Doug Volz will lead the OATUG Cost Management Special Interest Group meeting on Sunday, June 11, 2023.  Meet experts for Discrete and OPM Costing, fellow cost accounting group members as well as Oracle Cost and Supply Chain Development staff.  For more information about Ascend, please see:

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Cost Accounting for Oracle EBS – Blitz Report version 3.2.6,
April 27, 2023
Over the years I've given several SQL reporting scripts to the Oracle Community, for reconciling inventory to the G/L, summary and detail transaction reports, inventory value reports and even multiple ledger period open/close status reports. But in order for your Cost Accountants and staff to use them you had to take these SQL scripts and develop these reports using your own technical reporting tools, such as Oracle's BI Publisher. Now, in partnership with Enginatics, I've published over 90 fully configured Cost Accounting Reports, ready to use as soon as you install Blitz Report. With parameters that automatically default, such as transaction date ranges, period names, organization codes, and ledgers. Multi-org reports which naturally download into native Microsoft Excel. For most Oracle EBS configurations, including Project Manufacturing (PJM) and Warehouse Management (WMS), and even when using Category Accounting.  For more information please see Cost Accounting Reporting for Oracle EBS.

OATUG Cost Management Special Interest Group, March 27, 2023
Gotchas with Oracle EBS Release 12 Purchase Price Variances

Is your firm using internal requisitions with internal sales orders (also known as IR/ISO)? Ever want to do a “return to vendor” on an internal order, just like you do for external suppliers? With the ability to reverse the original IR/ISO? Now you can, with the new Release 12.2.11 feature for returns on internal sales orders.  For more information see this presentation:  EBS Returns on Internal Orders.

OATUG Cost Management Special Interest Group

As part of Doug's commitment to the Oracle Applications Technology User Group (OATUG) he has led the OATUG Cost Management Special Interest Group (SIG) since 2007.  In these monthly webinars Doug and other expert presenters give practical advice on using Oracle Cost Management, showcasing new products and collectively, helping each other do more with the Oracle Applications. Oracle Cost Development and Oracle Support also participate in these discussions and actively engage with the Cost Management SIG for feedback on product features and directions.  Doug has been organizing these webinars since 2007, with topics such as A/P accruals, profit in inventory, change management, new features, and inventory reconciliation.  For more information email Doug at or visit the OATUG Cost SIG web site at OATUG Cost Management SIG.

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White Papers from Douglas Volz Consulting

As part of Doug's philosophy for helping the Oracle community, Douglas Volz Consulting has presented numerous times at Oracle Application conferences. These papers are available here for your use and include practical tips and suggestions. Feel free to contact Doug with questions.

Sample participant comments from recent conference and webinar presentations:  

"Good morning Doug, First of all I want to make my compliments for your hard work and your “class”.  I was your “FAN”, I studied a lot of your White Papers and Presentations, and finally, yesterday, I saw you in Action… Amazing…"

"Thank you, Doug. Your sql will definitely be very handy! BTW, excellent webinar…contents were excellent and your presentation skills were really good. I look forward to attending your next webinar."

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