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Case Study:TCI International, Project Manufacturing Case Study

TCI International

TCI’s Business Challenge

TCI was unable to efficiently reconcile across Oracle Inventory, WIP, Projects and General Ledger balances; a long-standing challenge with Oracle Project Manufacturing.  Monthly out-of-balances varied greatly and reconciliation took over two weeks each month. Project Partners, a recognized expert with Oracle Project Applications, asked Douglas Volz Consulting to help TCI with these difficult reconciliation issues.

Project Manufacturing Reconciliation

Ever since Oracle offered Project Manufacturing, project manufacturing reconciliation has been difficult, time-consuming and inefficient. Many other companies who use Oracle Project Manufacturing also face similar challenges. Even with the advances in Release 12, these underlying issues persist.


Douglas Volz Consulting quickly developed reports to reconcile Inventory, WIP and Projects. Once prototyped, a complete reconciliation method was created which simultaneously reconciled Oracle Inventory, WIP, Projects and General Ledger account balances, and in addition, identified numerous Oracle bugs with project balances. Not only did Douglas Volz Consulting create a repeatable solution for TCI, but continued to support TCI through detailed project reconciliation and web support sessions, even after the assignment was completed.


Collaboration and team work with Douglas Volz Consulting


With these new processes TCI now reconciles their Project Manufacturing balances in less than 3 days. Special reports uniquely identify project balance errors; reconciliation reports show differences by account, transaction source and expenditure type. TCI now has the processes and tools to validate their subledger and general ledger balances efficiently.

Timeframe: 6 weeks elapsed time
                  3 weeks actual time spent





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